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Showing posts from March, 2022
Nuclear submarines. A Labor government. Cherbourg, here we come! When Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton tore up the contract to buy conventional submarines from France, Emmanuel Macron’s wasn’t the only disapproving voice.
39% of Australians can’t afford to go to the dentist. But Medicare isn’t the answer. For a country that still likes to think it has a universal health care system, the figures are shameful.
Climate change, rainforest destruction and the next pandemic. Climate change is supercharging the risk that already exists from another form of environmental destruction – uncontrolled agricultural development in tropical rainforests.
How the Gutwein government in Tasmania flouts the law to hide its secrets (and gets away with it). Each issue of The Washington Post carries this message right below the masthead: democracy dies in darkness You can’t run a functioning liberal democracy if the voters don’t know what’s going on.
Tasmania's arts scene is moribund. Only MONA shines. Here's how to turn the smallest state into the nation's leader. It may not be quite fair to call Tasmania a cultural desert, but it’s more than somewhat arid. The arts scene – such as it is – is in serious need of a government that cares.
Banning Tchaikovsky won’t hurt Putin or help Ukraine. In Wales, the Cardiff Philharmonic Orchestra had scheduled a performance of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture . Tchaikovsky? He’s Russian, isn’t he? Can’t have that!
WA’s dodgy GST deal looks safe – unless the states finally go to the High Court. There is now only one way Western Australia’s lucrative GST deal can now be overturned – and that is by the High Court, which has never ruled on the matter.
When governments get mental health policy wrong, people die. For over half a century, governments in all jurisdictions have been funnelling money out of mental health services.